Fundraising with Pallets by Design

    Thanks for considering Pallets by Design for your fundraiser. If you are looking for a fun and unique idea, then you have come to the right place. The event can be held at your place or ours. Our facility can hold 33 guests. If you would like to have a larger turn out than 33 we will gladly work with you on double sessions as well as add another date. We do allow beverages of your choice (alcohol cannot be provided or served by us) as well as food and snacks, we always have bottled water.

     You have the option to choose how much you earn. Our base price for all standard signs are $25.00 what we add to the base price is what you earn. Example: if you would like to earn $10.00 off each sign purchased then we will charge $35.00 etc. Signing up can be done one of two ways. We can set up a link on our website with safe secure checkout where all orders go through us and we give you a check the night of your event. Or you can create a flyer and with the registration form attached to the bottom and you collect all orders and payment and provide us with orders and payment a week before the event. The perk of this option is that you will know how many you have registered at all time. If you choose to use our online ordering system, then you will get weekly updates.

*Using the online system your guest will have the option of 70 designs to pick from and flyer form allows 6.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via phone 517-750-8058


Thank you again for considering Pallets by Design